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Main features

  •     Two international invention patents, three utility model patents
  •     Packed with high precision, the error range of less than 0.2%, beyond all currently filling pump;
  •     Innovative linear working principle, changing the traditional rotary peristaltic pump structure;
  •     Hose wear less, the risk of falling off the wall greatly reduced;
  •    The hose is easy to assemble and disassemble;
  •    Simple adjustment, high stability;
  •    Can stop and suck back anti dropping.


Technical parameter

Speed of main motor 0.1~3000rpm
Main sliding speed 0~500mm/s
Maximum advance distance 180mm
Loading time 0.1~10s
15#(4.8x2.4)   1.6x2.4   2.4x2.4   3.4x2.4
Loading dose  0.1ml~1.1ml
Packing precision ≤±0.2%
Display adjustment mode Touch screen
External control mode Dry contact start signal, no bottle stop signal, feedback signal
Communication mode RS485
Suitable power supply AC220V/110V
Dimension 590mm×110mm×235mm

Configuration list

DC servo motor Fulling motor
Linear stepping motor Shinano
Straight wire rod assembly MISUMI
Linear guide rail MISUMI
Linear bearing MISUMI
Photoelectric detection switch Omron
Touch screen Prefluid
Drive and control system Prefluid
Tubing Imported silicon rubber hose TYGON FDA\ USP

Number and precision of the tube

Tube model
The whole operation 180mm packing quantity
Running time













Working principle


     A biotechnology company to diagnostic reagents filling 50 microliters of diagnostic reagents, because the more expensive, GMP packaging requirements of high precision and high


    Linear peristaltic pump LP244 high accuracy, the packing precision beyond all known peristaltic pump, can precisely control the load to the micro volume and upgrading, sustained and stable; the replacement hose is very convenient, easy to realize the SIP and CIP features to meet GMP requirements and improve the work efficiency;

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  • Medium loading                                  
  • Coffee packaging additives                      
  • Coffee packaging additives               


Foot switch External control adapter Anti drip needle








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