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The use and maintenance skills of peristaltic pump head

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1. When using a peristaltic pump, please don't screw too tight of adjustable clamp, in order to avoid “died" pump head. Generally transferred to a liquid will be ok , in order to avoid the pump head, silicone tube inside the pump head should be coated with lubricating oil, to extend its service life.

Peristaltic pump head
2. When pump head in running quickly, do not press the "direct/reverse" switch, if you want to push, push again after first dispatch speed slow, and then will speed to former speed, the voltmeter reading to the original value.

3. During the period of using peristaltic pump, we should keep the silicone tube in good condition. Generally , it is better under the condition of medium speed operation. When found the silicone tube with aging, silicone tube should be timely replaced. When started peristaltic pump operation, silicone tube swollen phenomenon may have to end, usable hand straight.

4. After using, should clean pump head. If long time not to use, should remove the silicone tube, to extend its service life.

5. When not in use peristaltic pump for a long time, please remove the silicone tube from the pump head, prolong its service life. Silicone tube is perishable goods, after using a period of time, please change in time. Or it will cause leakage, damage the instrument.

6. According to the different media and different flow rate, please choose different thickness of the silicone tube

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