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How to transfer solid by peristaltic pump

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Peristaltic pump uses atmospheric pressure as power to the transmission fluid, not only transfer the conventional liquid or liquid with particles but also transport air. In some cases, the peristaltic pump can also transmit pure solid matter. First solid organization must meet several requirements can be transferred by peristaltic pump.

First: the solid must have natural sealing, that is to say, in the condition of natural distribution, solid arbitrary a have air tightness in the hose or extremely low leak rate, which requires the solid must exists in the tiny state of powder.
Second: the solid must have self lubrication, if the solid has big friction, it’s easy very easy to form solid between the close packing, cause pipeline jam.
Third : due to solid matter far less than the conventional liquid, so to transfer solid should also satisfy the condition of small density, to minimize the transmission of solid resistance, to avoid the accumulation of solid plug.
Daily use printer toner is to satisfy the above three conditions, so the peristaltic pump can be used in the transmission of toner. When used, there is still some difference with liquid transmission. Transfers toner, toner must be loose dry state, there can be no lump existed; Peristaltic pump and lift the suction hose to short as far as possible, especially in the suction, it is advantageous to the toner transport; Peristaltic pump use thicker wall thickness, diameter larger hose; The running speed of peristaltic pump should not be too fast, otherwise can produce larger compression force of toner, easy to seized up and stopped the engine; Peristaltic pump head pressure should be smaller than transmission liquid.

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