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Application in Drug Filling of Linear Peristaltic Pump

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In practice, we often see intermittent big or small fluids change when the peristaltic pump running.
Prefluid products - peristaltic pump performance are reliable, accurate, help to based on producing, reagents, such as injection filling and delivery of the drug.

As a leading supplier of pharmaceutical equipment, Chutian science and technology need reliably and accurately pump, which schemes require various drugs precisely filling into the appropriate drugs holding container, which requires the peristaltic pump filling must have high standards of accuracy and precision of flow range, to ensure the production line to avoid unnecessary waste and medicine filling accuracy, at the same time reducing production cost, improve the production efficiency of drugs.

Based on the customer’s high standard demand, developed for Chutian science and technology to provide the latest Prefluid linear peristaltic pump, filling accuracy can reach to ± 0.2%, its precise filling precision beyond all the peristaltic pump products on the market. These got terminal customer’s consistent high praise.

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