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How to confirm the peristaltic pump flow rate

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Conform which the liquid flow rate you need to transport, (the maximum and the minimum), select the corresponding peristaltic pump according to your demand, and determine the flow rate when you need to consider the following factors:

How to confirm the peristaltic pump flow rate
1. All peristaltic pumps expressing traffic data are measured with water as medium. Different media will differ the flow rate. Liquid with high viscosity and high solid content of liquid and illiquid etc., the actual flow rate and nominal flow rate would have a large number of attenuation. 

2. The represented flow parameters measured with water in the head and under the suction, if there is a larger suction flow rate will decline, and lift has smaller loss to flow rate.

3. The conveying flow should under the limited max pump flow rate, and considered the foregoing two factors influence on traffic, in the actual selection, especially long running pump, we highly recommended you to let pump can be running in low speed to satisfies the requirement of traffic (≤300 RPM) or less, high-speed operation for a long time, one can reduce the service life of the pump, the other is the hose will soon wearing, your material consumption (hose) will be very expensive!

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