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How to select the suitable peristaltic pump according to pump flow range

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Everyone has encountered the same problem when choosing peristaltic pump. How to select the appropriate peristaltic pump according to the flow rate?

When determining the flow rate, you should consider the following factors:

1, all expressed peristaltic pump flow data for the determination, water must be as medium, as different media will have different flow rate. Liquid with high viscosity and high solid content of liquid and illiquid, etc., the attenuation of actual flow and labeling flow would reduce a lot!

2. The parameters indicated that the flow parameters are measured by the water in the micro lift and the suction range. If there is a large suction flow rate, the flow loss will be smaller.

3, The required for conveying flow should be limited between pump extremity flow, and consider the foregoing two factors influence, in the actual selection, especially need long-term running pump, we strongly recommend that try to pump can be run in low speed satisfies the requirement of traffic (300 RPM) or less, the fast speed, one can reduce the service life of the pump, the other is a hose will soon wear, your material consumption (hose) will be very expensive!

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