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The main characteristics and application scope of peristaltic pump Teflon hose

    A hose is a very extensive use of the peristaltic pump hose, it has a significant resistance to high temperature and high level of health performance, has often been referred to the industry, so this kind of hose why would be such a wide range of applications? The following are from the peristaltic pump hose - the mysterious Teflon hose characteristics and application range for everyone secret.
Teflon peristaltic pump hose features:
1 has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, sliding, non adhesive, current insulation, weather resistance.
2 color according to the size of different sizes, for translucent ~ Milky white.
3 also can make products of color (black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, gray)
Application range:
Can be used to transport Gao Jie net fluid, chemicals, dairy products, cosmetics, etc.. It can be used to protect the heat exchanger and cable, widely used in various industrial fields. Has excellent heat resistance, non adhesive, chemical resistance, electrical insulation, etc.. Commonly used in the following industries: chemical facilities / semiconductor manufacturing equipment / machine / auto parts / chemical liquid, food manufacturing fuel, oil, steam pipeline / electrical insulating coating / other working temperature: -40 ~ C~+260 ~ C


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