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Working principle of peristaltic pump

 Peristaltic pump working principle understanding is like plain with two fingers and a pinch of a fluid filled tube, when the fingers slide forward, hose inside the liquid will flow with the finger sliding forward. Creep pump principle and the principle of the same, but the pump is the use of the pump head inside the wheel to replace the fingers.

Pumping fluid by squeezing and releasing the flexible delivery hose of the pump. Like the fingers like the squeeze tube, with the finger movement, the formation of vacuum tube, the liquid flows along. Peristaltic pump is between the two transfer roller pump tubing to form a "pillow" shaped fluid. The geometric characteristics of volume depends on pillow "in the pump tube diameter and the rotor.

The flow rate of the creep pump depends on the product of the three parameters, which are the rotational speed of the pump head and the size of the pillow, and the number of "pillow" generated by the rotation of the rotor. The size of the "pillow" is generally constant (except for special cases, such as a fluid with a high viscosity). Compared with the same diameter of the pump rotor, a larger "pillow" volume of the pump, the rotor of each turn a circle of fluid volume is also larger, but also a greater degree of pulsation.

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