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Main features

  •     Upper cover is made of ABS plastic, lower cover is made of carbon steel material, shock resistance, corrosion resistance, integrated chassis.
  •     Economic pump with basic functions such as positive inversion, start and stop, etc.
  •     Stepper motor driver, 64 breakdown of the working mode, the motor running smoothly, the noise is small
  •     Integrated chassis, easy to carry
  •     Suitable for laboratory

Product description

BT600L peristalsis pump is a laboratory type speed control pump. The shell is made of ABS material, under the casing adopts carbon steel material, the overall appearance, clean and light; the upper shell of the humanized design, easy to carry and carry. Driving part of the stepper motor, high speed, high precision, 64 subdivision of the work, so that the motor running smoothly, noise is small, suitable for laboratory low noise requirements.

Major function

  •     Three bit digital tube display speed, rotary encoder switch speed adjustmen。
  •     Rotation direction, start / stop by the panel on the dial switch operation.
  •     Full speed button is equipped, can make filling, emptying more quickly.
  •     Can be controlled by the external signal pump speed, steering and start / stop.
  •     Through the RS485 communication interface to the pump speed, steering and start / stop control.
  •     RTU Modbus standard protocol used to facilitate the programming control.

Tubing loading


Speed 1-600rpm Power supply AC220V/110V( ±10%) 50/60Hz
Speed resolution 1 rpm Power consumption ≤70W
Adjustment mode Rotary encoder Working environment Operating temperature 0℃-40℃
Display mode Adjustment mode Pre 3 bit LED digital tube displays speed Dimension 291mmx200.4mmx183.5mm
External control Start/stop l, direction , speed control(4~20mA/0~10V) Weight 4.8kg
Communication control RS485 interface,Modbus RTU IP IP31

Selection Guid

Product code Model Drive Pump head Tubing Flow range(ml/min)
D16002-K150 BT600L-KZ15 BT600L KZ15 13# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17# 0.12-1686
BT600L-YZ15 BT600L
YZ15 14# 16# 19# 25# 17#
BT600L-DG2 BT600L
DG2 1×1 2×1 2.4×0.8 0.5×0.8  0.021-21.2(Single )

Typical Applications

  •   Spectroscopy analyzer
  •   Chromatography 


     During the medicine production process (spray drying equipment), when choose to the auger pump to feed, they find there is a great pulsating spray and the operating parameters is extremely unstable, and they also find there is the presence of an unknown black substance during the drug testing process, but after changing to using peristaltic pump, the production is becoming very stable and secure

Peristaltic pump advantages   

    1.Transfer fluid with small pulsation

    2.Drive operates smoothly , and is easy to adjus

    3.Using food-grade silicone tube,no particle shedding, easy decontamination

    4.With self-priming function

Auger pump disadvantages:
    1.Without self-priming function, The pump must be set below the feed tank
    2.Transfer fluid with great pulsation
    3.It is not convenient to clean pump
    4.There is a possibility that a sealing layer and other things drop off. Do not meet the requirements of the Food and Drug Production

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  • Medium loading                                   
  • Coffee packaging additives                      
  • Condiment packaging colorants                  


Pump head

YZ25 DG2

Foot swift External control adapter Anti drip needle








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