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Main features

  •     Capable of dispensing
  •     External power supply, configuring 24VDC power adapter
  •     Compact and portable case design for easy-clean and corrosion-resistant
  •     Function of auto-running after switching on
  •     Stepper motor enables a steady and quiet operation process

Product description

    BF200 peristaltic pump is a set of speed, flow, packaging as one of the laboratory type pump. The upper shell using aluminum die-casting molding material, machine shell using aluminum material, the overall appearance, neat, compact, lightweight; the upper shell design humanization, convenient to carry and carry. Driving part of the stepper motor, high speed, high precision, 32 subdivision of the work, the motor running smoothly, low noise, suitable for laboratory low noise requirements.

Major function

  •   The front four digital tube display information function and speed, flow rate, packing parameters etc..
  •   Lead three LED lights to indicate the boot from the start, the direction, start and stop, etc..
  •   The front six button for adjusting the parameters of pump and start stop.
  •   When the button is pressed and the buzzer sound, the buzzer is said to play a key role.
  •   Can be controlled by the external signal pump speed, steering and start and stop.
  •   The speed, steering and start and stop of the pump can be controlled by the RS485 communication.
  •   With power down memory function, all working parameters can be stored

Tubing loading

Technical Specifications

Speed range 0.1-200rpm Suitable power 24V DC power supply
Speed resolution 0.1rpm(0.1-100rpm) 1rpm(100-200rpm) Power ≤30W
Adjustment mode Buttons to adjust the speed Working environment Operating temperature 0℃-40℃, Relative humidity<80%
Display mode 4 LED digital tube displays the function, speed, flow rate and dispensing parameters, 3 LED lights indicate self-starting, direction, andstart/stop Dimension 170mmx115mmx130mm
External control Start stop, direction, speed( 4~20mA ) Drive weight 2.5kg
Communication mode RS485 interface, Modbus RTU protocol IP IP54

Product code

Product code
Model Drive Pump head Tubing Flow range(ml/min)
D2200-K150 BF200-KZ15 BF200 KZ15 13# 14# 19# 16# 25# 17#
BF200-DG2 BF200 DG2 19# 16# 25# 17#


     Dropping a small amount of reagent in the laboratory ,each dropping amount should be consistent , and require regular batch dropping.


    Usually the basic peristaltic pump can only adjust speed and transfer fluid,BF200 simple dispensing pumps can not only transfer the reagent, but also make the precision and equal amount of batch drop, and the price is just slightly higher than the basic type peristaltic pump

Model BF200
Driving mode
32 Step by step drive
Speed range
Resolving power
Flow range
Display mode
Four digital tube display speed, three indicator lights from the start, direction, start stop, etc.
External control interface
Dry contact signal control start stop, turn; analog signal (current 4 ~ 20mA) to control the speed; RS485 control start stop, steering and speed
Pump head
Applicable power
Work environment
temperature 040℃,humidity<80%
The upper shell die-casting molding material, aluminum casing material

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  • Small fermentation agent                     
  • Simple allocation function            


Pump head

Foot switch External control adapter Anti drip needle








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