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Main features

  •     High precision liquid distribution function, the error is not more than 0.5%, choose a variety of curing mode distribution
  •     Large LCD display, Chinese and English menu, check the operating software, the whole process of running
  •     Maintenance free DC servo motor drive, closed loop control, quiet operation
  •     Special coating on the surface of casing, which is beneficial for cleaning and corrosion protection.

Product description

WF350 peristaltic pump filling peristaltic pump with a high precision. This product adopts the large screen LCD display, working parameters and working condition; the chassis adopts the metal shell molding streamline design, high degree of protection IP56; the casing surface adopts imported paint processing, beautiful appearance, easy cleaning and anti-corrosion.

        This series of products using brushless DC motor as the drive, low noise, less heat and maintenance free, stable and reliable work, high precision and smooth pulse. The fluid is very suitable for beverage, health care products, pharmaceutical, fine chemical and printing in many fields such as transportation and packaging.

Major function

  •     All metal pump head PF246 with oxidation treatment surface, strong and durable, good corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Dual channel is placed in pump head as Y type, and the low pulse and high precision flow rate is realized
  •     Maintenance-free brushless DC motor drives, closed-loop control , quiet operation
  •     Metal forming casing adopts streamlined design with special surface coating , and is antiseptic and easy to clean. Sealed kit for harsh environmental conditions.
  •   Metal forming casing adopts streamlined design with special surface coating , and is antiseptic and easy to clean. Sealed kit for harsh environmental conditions.
  •   The front side of the control panel, LCD liquid crystal display, with volume setting, time setting, suction volume calibration settings, automatic adjustment, automatic emptying, packing production and packing mode memory storage function, can choose English menu
  •    Slow start can be set  to prevent splashing or foam, and achieve immediate stop and suck-back to prevent dripping, suck-back angle 0~360°, function of no bottle filling stop.
  •    Can be controlled by the RS485 interface, RTU Modbus communication protocol of the pump speed, steering and start and stop, etc.
  •    Large screen LCD window shows the working parameters and working status of the peristalsis pump, intuitive and clear
  •    Friendly interface, and have a simple tips, easy to learn and easy to understand.
  •    Two kinds of work modes, can be used for quantitative packing, can also be used for continuous work, the ordinary way of flexibility, suitable for different occasions.
  •    When the button is pressed and the buzzer sounds, the buzzer can indicate that the key is played, and the sound can be opened or closed according to the requirement.
  •    Brushless DC motor, servo drive, operating noise is small, less heat and maintenance free.
  •    Has the power down memory function, the power on display for the last time before the shutdown of the working interface.

Tubing Loading

Technical Specifications

Speed range 0.1-350rpm Power supply AC220V/110V( ±10%) 50/60Hz
Speed resolution 0.1 rpm Power consumption ≤115W
Adjustment mode Buttons to adjust the speed Working environment Operating temperature 0℃-40℃, Relative humidity<80%
Display mode LCD Dimension 300mmx300mmx215mm
External control Remote automatic control (4~20mA) Weight 11kg
Communication control RS485 interface, Modbus RTU protocol

Ordering Information

Product code     Model Drive

Pump head

Tubing Flow range(ml/min)
D73500-P240 WF350-PF246 WF350 PF246 0.8×2.4 1.6×2.4 2.4×2.4 3.1×2.4 15# 24# 35# 36#  0.016-3899

Recommended speed and accuracy for different dosing volume

Volume Recommended speed Tubing Dosing time Accuracy
2ml 281rpm 1.6×2.4 0.4s ≤±1%
10ml 275rpm 4.8×2.4
1.2s ≤±0.5%
250rpm 8×2.4
1.5s ≤±0.5%
2s ≤±0.5%
250ml 250rpm 9.6×2.4 6s ≤±0.5%

Typical Applications

  •  Dispense hydro-acupuncture
  •  Dispense freeze-dried powder
  •  Dispense diagnostic reagent


     0.62 ml dosing volume of rabies vaccine and influenza vaccine  requires high accuracy dispensing, GMP, and the dosing process must be completed in a short time.


    Equipped with high-precision dispensing pump WF350, free-maintenance servo motor drive, precision control, stable operation. Y type PF246 low pulse mental pump head has highest precision. The disposable type meets the requirements of GMP, and is very convenient to change tubing.

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  •     Dispense hydro-acupuncture                                   
  •     Dispense freeze-dried powder                     
  •     Dispense diagnostic reagent               

Available accessories                        

Pump head
Footswitch External control converter Anti-drip needles








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