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Main features

  •     High precision liquid distribution function, the error is not more than 0.5%, choose a variety of curing mode distribution
  •     Large LCD display, Chinese and English menu, calibration software, the whole process step by step
  •     Maintenance free DC servo motor drive, closed loop control
  •     Special coating on the surface of the shell, which is convenient for cleaning and corrosion protection

Product overview

SL360 peristaltic pump is a kind of bulk transfer peristaltic pump. The product is made of stainless steel chassis, AC servo motor drive, with the newly developed planetary gear XC45 pump head, so that the product in stability, advanced and cost-effective to achieve a new height. AC servo motor drive, large torque output, less heat and maintenance free, high stability. It is suitable for transmitting large flow of liquid and packing.

Major function

  •  Large screen LCD window shows peristaltic pump operating parameters and working conditions, intuitive and clear.
  • Friendly interface, and there are simple tips, easy to understand.
  • Two working modes are optional, can be used for quantitative work, can also be used for the general continuous mode of work, flexibility, suitable for different occasions.
  • When there is a key button and the buzzer tone, the buzzer sounded the key role. Sound can be turned on or off.
  • The external control pump can be started and stopped by the external level and the trigger pulse mode.
  • Can be controlled by the RS485 interface, Modbus RTU protocol to control the pump speed, steering and start stop, etc..
  •  AC servo drive, high torque output and maintenance free.
  •  Power down memory function, power display for the last time before the shutdown interface.
  • Can store 16 sets of file parameters, easy to quickly call, improve work efficiency.
  •  Flow display, measurable and quantitative timing
  • AC servo system is used to drive, with high precision, accurate positioning and automatic adjustment of torque
  • The new design concept of the XC45 planetary gear pump head, the pump head roller drive roller rotation, and hose hose rolling friction, prolong the service life of 2.5 times
  • Strong power, can load large diameter thick wall hose, can transport large viscosity and high lift material

Technical parameter

Speed range 10-360rpm Suitable power supply AC220V / 110V( ±10%) 50/60Hz
Speed resolution 0.1 rpm Power waste ≤150W
Regulation mode Continuous adjustable button Work environment Ambient temperature 0 to 40 DEG C, relative humidity > 80%
Display square Large LCD display speed, flow and other parameters Exterior dimension 290mm×258mm×290mm
Pump head XC45 TH35 Drive weight 23kg
Communication mode RS-485,Modbus RTU IP grade IP54

Selection Guide

Product code Model Drive Pump head Tubing Reference flow range(ml/min)
D33600-X450 SL360-XC45 SL360 XC45  88# 90# 92#  0.012-281
SL360-TH35 SL360TH
TH35 73# 82# 184#

Typical applications

  • Fluid flow with large flow of liquid medicine
  • Petrochemical additive delivery
  • High lift feed in a chemical process


     A large petrochemical plant needs to transport a high viscosity catalyst to a 15m high distillation column.


    Due to the chemical production cycle is longer, frequent replacement of the hose will bring great trouble to the production, we recommend that the pump can deliver high lift materials, while the hose life of up to 3-4 months。

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Pump head

Foot switch External control adapter Anti drip needle








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