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Main features

  •    Stepper motor subdivision drive, high-precision, smooth operation of the fine shell design, a reasonable number of pumps can be connected structure
  •   Shell surface special coating, easy to clean and anti-corrosion
  •   LED digital tube display instant speed or instant flow
  •   Using keys to adjust the speed or instant flow, there are pipe number selection and flow correction function
  •   With power down memory function, can automatically save the last power down operation parameters
  •   Through the RS485 interface, communication mode remote control
  •   With fast charging and discharging liquid and key lock function

Product description

BL600 peristalsis pump is a kind of economic flow pump, is the BT series speed pump upgrade products, with flow / speed display, rotation direction indicator, pipe number selection and flow correction and other functions. The product case is made of aluminum. The product is driven by stepping motor, and its stability is good. Fluid delivery for beverages, health care products, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry, printing and other fields.

Major function

  •     Stepper machine, silent operation, double pump heads can be connected in series, and can provide higher delivery pressure
  •     Streamlined metal molding shell design, special coating on the shell surface, easy to clean and anti-corrosion
  •     Large LCD screen displays a variety of parameters, Chinese and English menus are optional
  •     Adopt sealing kit, suitable for harsh working environment
  •     Use buttons to adjust the speed or real-time flow, with the function of running total amount and quantitative timing feeding function
  •     With power-down memory function, it can automatically save the operating parameters of the last power-off
  •     Can be remotely controlled via RS485 interface and Modbus RTU communication protocol

Tubing Loading

Technical Specifications

Speed 0.1-600rpm Power supply AC220V/110V( ±10%) 50/60Hz
Speed resolution 0.1 rpm Power consumption ≤50W
Adjustment mode

Buttons to adjust the speed /flow rate/time/

Working environment Operating temperature 0℃-40℃
Display mode Large LCD screen Dimension 319mmx200mmx196mm
External control

RS485 interface Modbus RTU( 4~20mA )

Weight 5.2kg
Communication control RS485 interface IP IP31

Selection Guide

Product code Model Drive Pump head Tubing Flow range(ml/min)
D26009-K156 BL600-KZ15 BL600 KZ15 13# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17# 0.07-1481(Single channel)
BL600-2KZ15 BL600
KZ15 13# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17#
0.07-1481(Single channel)
BL600-KZ164 BL600
KZ164 13# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17#  0.021-21.2(singe)
BL600-YG15 BL600
YG15  1.6*1.6 14# 16# 19# 25# 17#  0.021-21.2(singe)
BL600-KZ164 BL600
KZ164 13# 14# 16# 19# 25# 17#  0.021-21.2(singe)

Typical Applications

  •  Add sodium hypochlorite in the application of water treatment
  •  High precision transfer of chemical intermediate


     Researchers are conducting genetic recombination experiments , they choose more than one peristaltic pump to inject. Because the general  peristaltic pumps can only display speed,they can not  reflect the experimental data directly to analyze.


    Our flow rate display pumps can meet their requirements, because BL100 can display the flow velocity of the fluid inside the tube, and can also correct flow rate of various density fluid. The price is just slightly higher than the basic type peristaltic pump.

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Pump head

Foot swift External control adapter Anti drip needle








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