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TH152 with DC servo motor OEM

Main features

  •     TH152 is a single channel two rotor high flow, high precision pump head
  •     The flexible pipe can be quickly replaced with an adaptive clamping device, and is suitable for various specifications of the hose.

TH152 high transparent engineering plastic front cover, to observe the operating status; shell streamline design, have a special coating on the surface easy to clean; openings to stop function, to ensure the safe operation of work; abnormal automatic alarm function; manual rocker roller assembly, can be manually operated device for adaptive card tube, hose handling; spring roller the component, thereby preventing hose rupture of hose hose on overvoltage, while reducing the wear to improve the service life of the hose; the DC servo motor, closed-loop control, mute operation.

Main features

  •     High transparent engineering plastic front cover
  •     Streamlined enclosure, open cover, safe operation
  •     Spring roller assembly


Product code MOdel Dialysis pump configuration Demission Installation method Flow range Running noise
M50030 TH152 Pump head TH152 + DC servo motor (with IMS gear box) + driver
Motor using 42 DC servo motor with imported IMS gear box
 Pump head 80*90*56  (Motor length 140) Motor embedded panel mounting, only exposed pump head Speed 50rpm    Flow 200ml/min
Speed 100rpm   Flow 400ml/min
(φ6.5*φ10PVC tube for example)


Flow curve


 Tubing loading

Safety protection

Flow reference

14# 16# 25# 17# 18#
Brushless DC motor 20rpm 7.6 31 72.8 114 173
Brushless DC motor 60rpm 22.8 93 218.4 342
Brushless DC motor 100rpm 38 155 364 570 865
Brushless DC motor 110rpm
41.8 170.5 400.4 627 951.5

    no data


   Peritoneal dialysis







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