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TH10 with stepper motor OEM

Main features

  •     The pump head can be quickly replaced with an adaptive clamping device.
  •     Applicable to a variety of specifications of the hose, rollers are made of stainless steel, durable
  •     The pump head shell is made of PSF/PPS material, excellent in properties of steel and structure, stable performance and high temperature resistance.

This is a use of the pump head design integrated motor products, in the premise of convenient replacement hose, the maximum volume is reduced, and the structure is reasonable, is a suitable way of OEM pump head, flexible compression block, different adaptive hose made of PC material.

Main features

  •   The pump head is convenient to replace the hose, the volume is small, the structure is reasonable.
      The pump head has a flexible upper pressure block, and an adaptive different hose is provided.
      Using PC material manufacturing

Selection Guide

Product code Model Flow range Tube loading Tubing Roller material Roller
Gap adjustment Cover material Weight
H71000 TH10 0.067-44.1ml/min Manual
1×1 2×1 2.4×0.8 3×1 Acetyl copolymer 4 Fixed IXEF 0.08

Flow curve


Peristaltic pump installation size chart

Drive outline wiring diagram

Flow reference table

1×1 2×1 2.4×0.8 3×1
Stepper motor 20rpm 1.329 3.054 4.342 7.8
Stepper motor 40rpm 2.702 5.961 8.167 15.31
Stepper motor 60rpm 4.052 9.011 12.864 22.77
Stepper motor 80rpm
5.147 11.904 17.098 29.85
Stepper motor 100rpm 6.802 14.755 21.34 37.306
Stepper motor 120rpm 8.179 17.744 25.404 44.093

Product information

Product model 42 Stepper motor-TH10
Motor model 42 Stepper motor
Running speed 1-100rpm,Adjustable
Power supply DC12V-DC24V
Reference flow range 0.212-44.093(ml/min)

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