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Main features

  •     Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance
  •     High temperature, high pressure sterilization
  •     Rolling friction, lift hose life
  •     The motor is stable and the noise is small.

      PT10 pump head all the use of engineering plastics, corrosion resistance, high temperature, can be used in a variety of environments. Disinfection and sterilization under high temperature and high pressure. The use of rolling friction extrusion hose, rather than sliding extrusion, thereby greatly improving the service life of the hose. Hose assembly and disassembly, pump head is simple and convenient, can be realized in four directions, the motor running smoothly, the noise is small. Special requirements can be equipped with speed control device.

Main features

  •   The pump head can be quickly replaced with an adaptive clamping device.
  •   Applicable to a variety of specifications of the hose, rollers are made of stainless steel, durable
  •   The pump head shell is made of PSF/PPS material, excellent in properties of steel and structure, stable performance and high temperature resistance.


Model M40030/M40040(With speed board)
Pump head model PT10
Maximum speed 700rpm ±10%
Power supply 3-24V DC,Recommended to use less than DC 12V
Maximum current 250mA
Work environment Temperature -10℃~-50℃, humidity <95%
Tubing thickness 1.0,Maximum available 3×1
Back pressure <0.2MPa
Operating noise <52dB
Motor life >1500H
Material standard Met UL/CE/RoHS

Flow and voltage curve


Pumphead Installation

Tubing loading

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   Sampling in environmental analysis

   Analysis titration of biochemical analyzer

   Blood cell instrument

   Environment detecting instrument







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