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KZ15 with AC motor OEM

Main features

    •     The pump head loading and unloading hose is convenient, and the pressure block and the main body separation structure are adopted.
    •     Alloy material case, special surface treatment, corrosion resistance
    •    1.6 wall thickness of hose, using a new type of pipe

KZ15 series OEM can be used with the economic DC motor, stepper motor with flexible. The pump head adopts the structure that the pressure block and the main body are separated, which can quickly replace the hose, the alloy material shell, the special surface treatment, the corrosion resistance and the corrosion resistance. Stable and reliable operation. 1.6 wall thickness of hose, using a new type of pipe. Maximum available 1600ml/min about the flow.

Selection Guide

Product code Model Flow range Tubing loading Tubing Roller Roller number
Clearance adjustment Pump housing material Weight
H61500 KZ15 0.012-1686ml/min Self-adaption 13# 14# 16# 17# 19# 25# SS 3 Fixed AL 0.7

Flow curve


Flow reference table (three rollers)

14# 19# 16# 25# 17#
AC motor 50rpm 10.5 22.5 36.5 88 140.5
AC motor 100rpm 21 45 73 176
AC motor 150rpm 31.5 67.5 109.5 264 421.5
AC motor 200rpm
42 90 146 352 562

Product information

Product model AC motor-YZ15
Motor model AC motor
Speed Max 300rpm,adjustable
Power supply AC220、50HZV,Rated power 20w
Flow range 7-840(ml/min)

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   Sampling in environmental analysis

   Intermediate high precision transmission

   Quantitative feeding in chemical reaction process







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