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DG Stepper motor OEM

Main features

  •       DG series pump head is designed for small flow, multi channel fluid delivery.
  •       Easy to replace and fix hose, pressure tube gap can be micro adjustment.
  •       The roller adopts acetyl copolymer, the pump shell is made of POM.
  •       1.6 wall thickness of hose, using a new type of pipe

DG series OEM products are developed on the basis of the DG pump head. 1-4 channel can be selected, and the AC synchronous motor, stepper motor and control system with flexible. DG pump head for small flow, multi - channel fluid delivery and design, easy to replace and fixed hose, pressure tube gap can be adjusted. The roller is made of stainless steel, and the pump is made of ABS material. Maximum available 30ml/min traffic.

Selection Guide

Product code Model Flow range Tubing fix Tubing Roller material Roller
Gap adjustment Cover material Weight
H20100 DG1 0.021-21.2ml/min Self-adaption 1×1  2×1 0.5×0.8 2.4×0.8 Acetyl copolymer 10 Fixed POM Poly formaldehyde 0.2
H20200 DG2 10 0.3
H20300 DG4 10 Fixed POM Poly formaldehyde

Flow curve


Product information sheet

Stepper motor-DG4
Motor model 57 Stepper motor
Running speed 1-100rpm
Power supply DC24V - DC36V
Flow range 0.021-21.2V

Tubing 0.5×0.8mm 1×1mm
Stepper motor 20rpm 0.4 1.2 3.2 4.2
Stepper motor 40rpm 0.8 2.4 6.4 8.4
Stepper motor 60rpm 1.2 3.6 9.6 12.6
Stepper motor 100rpm 2 6 16 21



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