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BZ20 AC synchronous motorOEM

Main features

  •       Flow adjustable
  •       Fixed speed pump head

BZ20 pump head and fixed speed 20/24rpm, 50/60Hz AC synchronous motor, can be adjusted by adjusting the duty cycle flow. Long life hose can be used for long time without changing. The product is mainly used for fluid delivery, such as cleaning fluid and disinfectant, and is widely used in civil, industrial, medical cleaning equipment and disinfection equipment.

Flow curve


Product information 

Product model AC synchronous motor-BZ20
Motor model AC synchronous motor
Speed ≤100rpm
Power supply AC220V / 50HZ
Flow range(ml/min) 9.5-120

Tubing 25# 17#
5rpm 9.5ml/min 12.5ml/min
20rpm 38ml/min 50ml/min
48rpm 91.2ml/min 120ml/min


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  •     Dishwasher detergent







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