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Application of peristaltic pump in water treatment analyzer

peristaltic pump application

In the process of sewage treatment, the water quality should be monitored and sampled in real time to ensure that the sewage discharge parameter is always under the stable parameter value. Puri peristaltic pump through the following aspects of the production process with confidence and security:
In order to ensure the integrity and quality of the final product, the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes require sterility and precision. Fluid isolation, accurate flow control is the most basic requirements. Can't meet these expectations, the price may be extremely expensive. Puri peristaltic pump through the following aspects of the production process with confidence and security:

To make the sterilization process easier, including a hose that can be traced back to the production lot.
  • Filling verification.
  • Provides excellent flow stability and measurement accuracy.
  • Scalable technology solutions.
  • Foreseeable and reliable packaging.
  • Provide real single use fluid line.
The peristaltic pump is not in direct contact with the pre pumping liquid, ensure complete isolation and pollution source. Other types of pumps can be left or left in the pump body. Our direct connection design and the use of a single fluid line to eliminate cross contamination and reduce the downtime. Our crawling pump as a true positive displacement pump, the accuracy of up to + 0.5%, to ensure the stability of the production process and the quality of the final product. Provide solutions from the laboratory to the automatic aseptic filling, plugging and capping system of aseptic filling system. The accuracy, efficiency and flexibility, these customers have known and trusted hose bio pharmaceutical grade Puri is a peristaltic pump subpackage provides accurate and consistent from beginning to end, long-term performance. All sanitary hoses have been certified by Class VI USP, and each cartridge is provided with a detailed hose certificate.

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