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Common problems of the flexible pump hose

  Peristaltic pump at 100 RPM under normal temperature liquid conveying hose, ordinary silicone tube life can reach 200-400 hours, import pump can reach 2000-10000 hours. But not the correct way of pipe or conveying corrosive liquid can cause premature wear and abnormal wear of hose pump.
1, the phenomenon: the hose looks like a knife cut through the same, is a sharp cut.
Reason: This is usually the first runner and the flange of the pump head is cut off. The cause of this damage is usually because the pump head is too long, in the pump head operation of the pump head shaking in the pump head to the side of the wheel flange, flange and constantly friction cutting hose. This process of damage will be very fast, usually in about ten minutes will be completely damaged. With the pump damage, at the same time will see a lot of pump hose produced slag.
Solution: 1, when installed card pump must ensure that the pump head in the pump tube straightening, will not be too much of the hose bed in the pump head. 2, at the same time in the hose pump inlet and outlet tube in the position near the pump head clamp special plastic clamps, prevent the peristaltic pump hose in the operation of loose movement.
2, showing the phenomenon: the hose completely flattened, loss of resilience, tube wall thinning, severe surface wear.
Reason: this phenomenon is usually because the wheel stuck, peristaltic pump pressure pump and the contact surface on the wheel with impurities, caused by the excessive speed. After the runner peristaltic pump head was stuck, rotary peristaltic pump peristaltic pump hose directly over the surface of the tube, will increase the friction caused by the surface of the tube temperature rise very high and the wear surface of the tube, the high temperature will make the hose lose elasticity, produced under extreme conditions the temperature exceeds 140 degrees above and may even cause the hose melted deformation.
Solution: pay attention to check the operation of the pump head runner is flexible; pay attention to cleaning the pump head pressure tube surface; appropriate to reduce the speed of the movement of the pump.
3, phenomenon: creep pump hose become brittle, hard, lose flexibility, discoloration, swelling, damage, etc..
Reason: the hose can not transport the liquid, the liquid will cause corrosion and dissolution of the hose.
Solution: find the hose material that will not be corroded by the liquid to be transported by himself, and the flexible pipe can be selected with reference to the experimental data of the chemical compatibility. Or take some samples of the hose to do the immersion test, in order to determine the hose will not be liquid corrosion.

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